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Meet Sadie

Video Introduction
All about Sadie

Sadie is a 2 years, 5 months-old female american staffordshire terrier (or mix). She weighs in at 43 pounds and has been with us for 160 days.

Meet Sadie, one of the HAPPIEST dogs at MLAR. Ask any volunteer about her and they will say she is always happy, smiling and loving life. She is a joyful dog who despite finding herself in a rural Alabama shelter and being Heartworm positive, retains a positive outlook on life (maybe she can teach us a thing or 2!).

Sadie loves her long walks on the trails at the farm, and is always happy to head out on an adventure with anyone who wants to take her. She isn't picky - a long walk? ok. Some snuggle time on the bench? Ok. Some time hanging out in the cool training room? She's down for that too. What Sadie isn't really down for is another dog too close to her. She just doesn't seem to enjoy the company of other dogs and that is ok, she doesn't have to! She loves people and would be happy to have a family of her own.

She is undergoing Heartworm treatment (she is more than halfway done!) which we are paying for and she can be adopted at any time, she just needs to come back for a vet visit or 2 before she completes the treatment. After she is done she can do longer walks and runs in a fenced in yard, etc.

If you think this cute girl sounds like a good fit for you please fill out an application and come meet her

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