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Meet Cobie

Video Introduction
All about Cobie

Cobie is a 3 years, 1 month-old male american staffordshire terrier (or mix). He weighs in at 70 pounds and has been with us for 359 days.

I'm Cobie. When I came to MLAR I was a shy boy who needed to learn to trust people. I've been learning that people are great and now tend to be almost too excited when I meet people (especially those who have treats). In fact I'm getting so good at sniffing out treats I can be a bit demanding for them. It's ok, my trainer here is working with me on all kinds of things so I can get treats when I earn them. So far I'm a rockstar at sit, touch, down and come. I'm learning to use a crate, to stay, and to sit automatically when people approach. They are also teaching me that if I'm not comfortable with someone yet I can not do the auto-sit and the person knows to not interact with me. That gives me some choices so I don't get overwhelmed. I've had problems with people getting too close so I need to go home with a family that doesn't include kids. I'm also not very fond of dogs right now so I'm set to be the only four legged love of your life. If you like training as much as I do, if you're active and like to hike, walk, and play in the yard. I might just be the perfect dog for you. Our behavior manager would be happy to tell you everything about me (she's my trainer so she knows all my secrets). Apply today.

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