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Meet Lunar

Video Introduction
All about Lunar

Lunar is a 6 years, 3 months-old female akita (or mix). She weighs in at 84 pounds and has been with us for 405 days.

Lunar can be a clown. She does a nice bouncy hop from foot to foot when she's happy to see you. We are trying to get it on video. She can be loyal, loving, and very interactive. You have to earn that though.
When Lunar first meets you she needs some time to see who you are and if she can trust you. We do introductions by having you come to the shelter multiple times and we wait till she lets us know it's ok for you to interact with her to have you pet or handle her. Once she asks for pets, you are in! She does need a home without other animals. So she would want to be your one and only pet.
She needs an owner who can follow specific instructions on when and how to touch her. Someone with experience with Akita's or other Asian breeds would be best. Anyone who's worked with dogs who are touch selective will understand that she doesn't want to be handled too much at first. She gets more comfortable as she trusts you more.
She's not the dog for everyone, but we think there's someone out there who will appreciate her independence and is willing to gain her trust.
If that's you, please apply today and our behavior manager would be happy to tell you everything we know about Lunar.

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