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Meet Rosie

All about Rosie

Rosie is a 4 years, 9 months-old female rottweiler (or mix). She weighs in at 54 pounds and has been with us for 547 days.

Rosie is a shy girl who has made some incredible progress in her time here at MLAR. She was very unsure of new people but now has many friends who walk her. She was scared on walks but is now a favorite to go on walks with groups of other dogs. She was very shy but now bounces around the play yard with doggie friends. She's learning to open up and we think she would learn even faster in a home.
She doesn't seem to have come from the happiest background, so she's wary of petting, but she will come and be near you, may jump on the couch behind you, and will come take treats once she gets to know you. On walks she's a dream. She loves other dogs so we think that going home with a comfortable dog would be the easiest way for her to settle into a new home. She loves to run and has shown us she's athletic enough that she needs a secure fence, but in trade she will bounce, play, and do zoomies through the yard with your dog in the most adorable way.
If you are willing to help a dog who needs someone to show her people are safe and life can be fun, apply for Rosie today.

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