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Meet Izzy

All about Izzy

Izzy is a 5 years, 11 months-old female australian cattle dog (or mix). She weighs in at 50 pounds and has been with us for 88 days.

IZZY (or is SHE) not the most perfect, most manageable, most lovable, most gentle, most well adjusted, & easiest dog you have ever met??? We think so. For starters, our Izzy is a nice, medium, manageable size. She walks well on a leash & never pulls. She is middle aged: over the puppy antics stage, but young enough to have a very active lifestyle. In the fenced yard, Izzy soars around & exercises herself very well. You don't even have to play with her or throw a ball! Her glossy black coat glistens in the sun & boasts glints of silver. . When she is done exercising, she comes over for love, hugs, kisses, pats &, of course, treats!
Izzy does still retain some emotional scars from her earlier years, where she was chained up to a dog house, outside, and not given much attention or socialization.
Those scars don't detract from her lovely personality and attentiveness to those she knows and trusts. Dogs that are chained up in a yard tend to "guard" their territory (for obvious reasons since they can't get away from any dangers), so Izzy has some issues with strangers coming into the house or yard without a family member bringing them in and while she likes other dogs (and lived with another one) some new dogs entering her "yard" can cause her to go into protective mode. Because of this, Izzy should go to a more low-key home, with fewer visitors, and no small kids. But you won't find a more loyal and loveable dog!

Izzy is gentle, relaxed, & low key - not at all a barker. She is housebroken, smart, alert, & knows "touch" & "sit". She would love a home with a nice fenced yard where she can burn off some energy & run

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