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Meet Coco

Video Introduction
All about Coco

Coco is a 4 years, 11 months-old male american pit bull terrier (or mix). He weighs in at 76 pounds and has been with us for 831 days.

Our longest resident, Coco, has finally been able to land himself a foster home! He's so thankful to be able to rest his head on a pillow -- literally -- he sleeps in his foster dad's bed with him every night!

Here's some other info his foster dad has to say about living with him:

Coco is well-behaved in the home. He has greatly benefited from having an in-home routine he can easily anticipate. Mostly, he wants to lay on the bed or play with his toys. He's very good about going into his crate when he needs to, although, of course, he'd rather be hanging out with his human. He likes being outside and going for walks but because everything is new to him, he needs reassurance and positive reinforcement with these novel objects, people, and environments.

Coco has proven to us that there's no reason for him to still be in the shelter. He has settled into a home and looks forward to his final, permanent move into his adopter's home.

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