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Meet Coco

Video Introduction
All about Coco

Coco is a 4 years, 10 months-old male american pit bull terrier (or mix). He weighs in at 76 pounds and has been with us for 793 days.

Hi there! Coco here!
I'm a real happy go lucky guy, a class clown if you will, but spending this much time in a loud shelter can be a bit stressful, as you can imagine. I would really love a home of my own where I could decompress.

My favorite thing in the whole world is TOYS. I love toys, so much so that I ingest the pieces sometimes, and can guard them from my people. My shelter family makes sure I only get the real hardy toys that I can't destroy and puts them up when they are interacting with me. I'm a strong boy, and my friends here at MLAR are teaching me manners and how to be the best dog I can be for my future family. Do you think you could continue my training in your home?

I am anxious around new people so I must be introduced slowly and carefully. That will need to be done for every new person in my circle of friends and family. I also am very strong and get too excited over other dogs so I will need to go home as an only pet. I'm a funny guy who loves spending time outside in the play yards and entertaining my friends. If you'd like more information on me please fill out an application and our behavior manager will get back to you with more details.

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